Thursday 18 July 2019

Off the booze and on the ball

A nice cup of tea and a sandwich was prescribed instead of a pint as the clink of empty glasses echoed around the bar in Bellefield. Members - playing and social - of the Rapparees/Starlights arrived to sign up in large numbers to the GAA's healthy initiative 'Off the Booze, On the Ball'.

Everyone who agreed to take part undertook to stay off alcohol for a month (or longer, of course) and to take up a little extra physical exercise. With many of those who frequent the social complex also taking part in the 'Operation Transformation' slimming campaign and a team of dancers rehearsing for the Rapps/Stars' 'Strictly Club Dancing', the pursuit of health and fitness is big news in Bellefield, these days. The launch of 'Off the Booze' was attended by GAA alcohol and substance abuse officer for Wexford Tony Fagin who extolled the virtues of tea ahead of pints.

Enniscorthy Guardian