Sunday 18 March 2018

Media students return from the wilderness...

Media studies students from Enniscorthy Vocational College stepped back out into civilisation after a weekend in Courtnacuddy without their mobiles and computers.

The class spent two days cut off from social media, phone calls and texts, in a radical break from modern lifestyles. To make matters even more challenging, they had to make do without electricity too while they were locked away.

Their experience was filmed for later showing on local television as the exercise took on shades of 'Big Brother'.

The students were given a great welcome by pupils from the local national school in Courtnacuddy as they emerged on Monday morning after their 48 hours in the hall.

'As soon as I got my phone back, I was straight on to Flappy Bird to have a game,' confessed student Shauna Suggitt after the exercise called 'Out of Service' came to an end. The programme laid on by teacher Liam Sharkey and his helpers included a visit by a large snake.

Participants in 'Out of Service' will have the chance to explore how and why the experience affected them at a later date in a discussion with a psychologist.

Enniscorthy Guardian