Tuesday 20 March 2018

After a day on the beach, they queue at the theatre...

Gorey Little Theatre Group: The cast of ‘Our Day Out’.
Gorey Little Theatre Group: The cast of ‘Our Day Out’.

BECAUSE Gorey Little Theatre Group's summer play is part of the traditional north Wexford holiday; and probably because there are so few performances of the show; and primarly because, the Theatre people will tell you, the live performances are so good; summer 2013 has proven to be another good one for the Theatre Group – despite the best efforts of the sun to keep audiences away.

The July show, which is staged each Tuesday and Thursday night at 8.30 p.m., is the classic 'Many Young Men of Twenty' by John B Keane. As is usual every year, the first week's audiences mainly comprised regular supporters and family.

However, from last week on, the show really took off, and Tuesday in particular was very busy. 'We didn't expect such a huge crowd, because it was blasting heat outside,' said Gorey Little Theatre Group chairwoman Louise Forde. 'They came in their droves and they loved it.'

She said it's only expected to get busier as people try to catch it before the run ends on Tuesday, July 30.

'Because of the good weather, more people are around, and this in turn affects us all in a positive way,' she said. 'It's great entertainment, and the days on the beach can be long. No matter where you are, you like some entertainment at night. People still like to go see a live performance. We have people coming year after year and they feel their holiday wouldn't be complete without it.'

The August play is Willy Russell's 'Our Day Out'. It features a cast of 30, and eight musical numbers. 'Audiences will come out singing and laughing. It's going to be a fantastic show,' said Louise. 'It has it all, and the standard is so high. I was bowled over by the rehearsals.'

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