Monday 21 October 2019

Erasmus embraced in Meánscoil Gharman

More 4th year students from Meánscoil Gharman taking part in the Erasmus+ Week and European Day of Languages
More 4th year students from Meánscoil Gharman taking part in the Erasmus+ Week and European Day of Languages

Brendan Keane

The teachers and students in Meánscoil Gharman have embarked on an exciting European journey of discovery, learning and personal development in association with a European funded programme titled Erasmus+.

The Erasmus programme is aimed at providing students with the opportunity to experience a global education in addition to giving teachers the chance to be at the forefront of international professional developments in education.

A hugely successful initiative, there are currently over 5,000 institutions participating in the Erasmus programme across 37 countries.

Each of the participating schools in the relevant countries implement the programme for their students and it's estimated that since it was first introduced in 1987 over six million students and teachers have benefited from participating in the programme.

A spokesperson for Meánscoil Gharman told this newspaper that the involvement in Erasmus is very much in keeping with the overall ethos of the school.

'In Meánscoil Gharman, we strive to foster an international approach to education, engaging in overseas tours, exchanges, and promotion of all languages,' she said.

'We seek also to promote the holistic development, achievement and full potential of each student,' she added.

The spokesperson went on to comment: 'We endeavour to equip our students with the IT skills necessary for an ever-changing world [and] through the programme Erasmus+, Meánscoil Gharman is looking forward to communicating and collaborating with our European colleagues, sharing experiences and being part of the largest learning community in Europe.'

As part of Meánscoil Gharman's celebration of Erasmus+ week a number of events ran in the school including: a wellbeing assembly, Yoga with Óga Yoga, Juvenes Translatores translation competition, European Lunch and French Lunch, Spanish films and the launch of a Coding Club.

The spokesperson said: 'We are investigating all the connections our students have with different European countries and these connections will be featured on a European map in our school's atrium.'

Enniscorthy Guardian