Thursday 21 November 2019

Changing times for landmark pubs Stamps and Antique Tavern

The Antique Tavern
The Antique Tavern

David Looby

Two of Enniscorthy's most renowned pubs, Stamps and the Antique Tavern, closed their doors on Sunday night, but it is understood both may reopen over the coming weeks and months under new owners.

Enniscorthy native Karl Forster had the licence for both pubs and said he was leaving them for personal reasons.

Having worked as a barman since 2006, he took over running Stamps in 2013 with his wife Julie. The pub at 20 Market Square has been an institution in the town since the days of W.K. Stamp and his son Billy after him.

Karl thanked his staff and loyal customers, saying they gave the pubs a great send off on Sunday night when last orders were called for the final time under his stewardship.

It is understood that a new owner will reopen the Antique Tavern over the coming days and Karl believes Stamps will be snapped up.

He said the business was going well. 'I took it over at possibly the worst time, (economically), in 2013, but I did OK with it and the business was fine.'

He said he expects that considering the good business Stamps was doing, it should be leased within a short space of time, adding that Antique Tavern landlord Barry Donohoe is likely to have the premises leased within a week.

Mr Donohoe said as much last week, confirming that a new licencee is due to open the business on Tuesday.

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