Monday 21 October 2019

Browne happy that Wexford retains Garda HQ

Brendan keane

Deputy James Browne TD has welcomed the news that Wexford Garda Station will serve as the divisional headquarters for the new garda division incorporating Wexford and Wicklow.

'I welcome the decision to maintain the Wexford town garda station as the divisional headquarters,' Deputy Browne told this newspaper.

'This is a pivotal decision that will help maintain a strong garda presence across county Wexford,' he added.

He is also calling for a sufficient allocation of resources to the county, commenting: 'There are many challenges facing policing across Wexford including drugs and rural crime.'

On Wednesday, An Garda Síochána announced the locations of the new regional and divisional headquarters as part of a restructuring progamme under the force's new operating model.

The regional divisions will reduce from six to four while the garda divisions will reduce from 28 to 19.

According to a spokesperson for the gardai 'a wide range of operational factors have been considered when deciding where the new regional and divisional headquarters should be based'.

These factors included: population, geography, projected growth, crime trends and workload across a range of work streams.

In announcing the new changes Commissioner Drew Harris said: 'Resources will be strongly focused on community policing [and] Chief Superintendents and Superintendents will be empowered to make decisions on how policing is best delivered within their divisions while working to a corporate framework.'

Superintendents will be located throughout the divisions and will be supported by additional Sergeants and Inspectors and according to Commissioner Harris the changes will 'enhance the investigation of crime through the delivery of a greater range of specialised services in local areas such as the investigation of sexual crime, domestic violence, cyber crime, and economic crime'.

Each Division will also have a Detective Superintendent.

Enniscorthy Guardian