Temp Head

Rivals on screen, rivals in bed

FOR all you devoted aficionados and addicts of soap operas, what I'm going to tell you now should bring a wry smile to your lips.

Johnny Briggs, who played the suave sex symbol Mike Baldwin on Coronation Street, has decided that Bill Roache (79), the actor who played his on-screen rival Ken Barlow, has nothing on him in the love stakes.

Roache, you'll recall, revealed a few weeks ago that he bedded 1,000 or so women, give or take.

At nearly 80, he's had a few decades to work up to that number, but still, it is on the high side.

Not to be outdone, Briggs, who's of the same vintage, says in an interview that he slept with at least the same number of women as Mr Roache.

Is this a case of life mirroring art? We know the pair were arch rivals on Coronation Street over the years -- but this is too much.

Haven't they heard a gentleman never kisses and tells?