Sexton: I'm not coming back

Jonathan Sexton. Picture: Stephen McCarthy/SPORTSFILE

Des Berry

JONATHAN SEXTON has firmly ruled out a return to Leinster at the end of the season.

Responding to reports in French newspaper Midi Olympique that the IRFU and Racing Metro have been discussing how the Ireland outhalf could cut short his two-year contract in France, the 28-year-old pledged his future to the French side and said he is adjusting to life with Racing.

He said: "I was obviously aware of some of the things being mentioned, almost because other people have to comment on it rather than myself.

"There was speculation about leaving France a year early. That is not going to happen.

"In the press conference last week, I have always given two sides of the story and only one seemed to be picked up. I said sometimes I absolutely love this place and other times, it was tough at the start and there has been difficult moments.

"But all-in-all, that was always going to be the case in your first six months here."