Roz comes up trumps in tycoon's golf contest

Caitlin McBride

ROZANNA Purcell may have lost out on the Miss Universe crown -- but she was clearly Donald Trump's favourite contestant.

The former UCD student's star is set to rise in the US since being unveiled as the face of the real estate mogul's celebrity golf tournament, the Herald can reveal.

Since earning seventh place in Las Vegas last month -- Rozanna (20) was handpicked by the billionaire to join the books of his elite modelling agency.

She has since left our shores for life in the Big Apple, and the Tipperary native has wasted no time getting down to work. The Assets model spent Saturday at the plush Trump National Golf Club in Westchester, shooting ahead of the golf tournament later this year.

And she is determined to start practising her swing in order to keep up with some big names, who has included actors Luke Wilson, Kurt Russell and basketball legend Michael Jordan in previous years.

"I had a great day hosting celebrity golf tournament with Mr Trump! Trump golf estate in Tarrytown, NY is amazing," she wrote on her Facebook account on Saturday.

Speaking to the Herald, Rozanna said that she has been so overwhelmed with her new whirlwind lifestyle that she hasn't had a moment to step back and take in all of her recent success.

"I haven't really had time to stop and think about what's happening. I'm just enjoying the experience so much and I hope it continues," she said.

"I'm unsure if I am hosting it or if I'm participating in it, ether way I'd better start practising my golf! It's such a huge honour, I can't wait to do the shooting for it this weekend and then for the actual tournament."