Rebooting Ireland is too little, too late

Lucinda Creighton.

I WISH Lucinda Creighton the very best of luck following the launch of her new no-name political movement.

In the absence of detailed policy I suppose we can keep busy for the next while speculating about a name for the group.

After months of agonising and planning and finally taking the leap, I think Creighton has left it too late. The boat to 'reboot Ireland' has already sailed.

If she had gone ahead with her movement last year when the electorate was crying out for a new political grouping, she might have had some chance of success.

But, now it's election season. After a year of catastrophic blunders, Fine Gael are likely to be a lot more careful in the coming months.

Sinn Fein have also crept up in the polls and another independent grouping, around Shane Ross and others, is being mooted.

The political climate has changed. A new PD-style centre-right party risks being viewed as just more of the same.

I respect Creighton for taking action but it's a case of too little, much too late.