Me, Photoshopped . .? It's all down to great lighting, says Sile

Lorna Nolan

TV presenter Sile Seoige has hit back at claims that photographs used of her in a recent magazine feature were dramatically touched up, making her look like "a latex, blow-up doll".

The Galway star argues that her fresh-faced look is primarily down to "good lighting" and a team of talented beauty experts.

Sile (30) claims she is very happy with how the pictures have turned out and is adamant that she had no input into any alterations made to the prints after the photoshoot.

However, the former Seoige presenter concedes that "a certain amount of work" may have been done to them before the magazine hit the shelves.

"I don't have an opinion on it to be honest," she told the Herald. "I would imagine it's like everything. You've a great make-up artist. You've a great hair stylist, great clothes, great lighting and a great photographer on the day.

"You take the photos and then I would imagine a certain amount of work goes into them, I don't really know.

"I certainly wasn't part of the process so I don't know. I'm very happy with the photos so if people want to speculate then that's grand, it's no skin off my nose.


"I wouldn't take it as a compliment or an insult. I'm kind of indifferent about it. I think if people are talking about it it's funny. It's more entertaining than anything, but I think it's a question for the photographer more so than me," she added.

The younger sister of Grainne Seoige, last weekend tried her hand at co- presenting Winning Streak alongside Marty Whelan, standing in for regular presenter Kathryn Thomas while she was away recording segments for the travel show, No Frontiers.

Sile said it was a pleasure to work on the programme, explaining that she was on a natural high once the cameras stopped rolling, having had the chance to give away so much money on behalf of the National Lottery.

Next weekend the glamorous star is off to Thailand, where she is due to record some links for No Frontiers.

Sile said Kathryn was extremely helpful when it came to giving her advice on her trip and describes her as "a fab girl".

Yesterday saw the RTE star make a return to her Irish-speaking roots when she launched a new voicemail in Gaeilge, available exclusively through Meteor.

Sile says that she jumped at the chance when she was asked to record the voicemail options in her native tongue and is also hoping to work with TG4 again.

"I was delighted when they asked me to do it, I think it's a great initiative. It's new, it's fresh and I think it's great that people have the option of listening to it in Irish or English," she explained.

"I speak Irish on a daily basis with my friends and family so any opportunity I get to work as Gaeilge is welcome. I never made a conscious decision to leave TG4. I would still hope to do some work for them in the future.

"It's the beginning of a new fresh year. I'm kept busy and I'm healthy and happy. That's the main thing," she added.