Marisa Mackle: Not even love will make a bad boy good

Marisa Mackle

There are women who find bad boys attractive. And there are those that don't. Bad boys leave me cold, especially when they're supposed to be role models for their sons. Bad boy du jour, Charlie Sheen may have amassed a million Twitter followers within hours of setting up an account, but I wasn't one of them.

As a society we seem to be only interested in the antics of an overpaid egomaniac who is living with a porn star, a 'nanny' and, until recently, his twin boys. The 23-month-olds were removed by authorities from his custody and are now back with their mother, Brooke Mueller. Brooke, the star's third wife, has also taken out a restraining order against him.

I had the misfortune of seeing one of the many interviews Sheen conducted this week where he managed to insult everybody under sun, wildly talk himself out of a job and pause only to kiss both his 'girlfriends' on the lips. This erratic and wholly inappropriate behaviour was all the while conducted in front of Sheen's toddlers.

It was frightening to see them featured in the footage. Sheen may be throwing his life away but those two young innocents have their whole lives in front of them. When the father-of-five's money disappears, no doubt the porn star and the nanny will make themselves scarce, but that pitiful footage will be on file forever.

Sheen's ex-wife must be relieved to have her boys back. But it's difficult for me to have any sympathy for a woman who marries a bad boy and expects him to turn boy. Bad boys become worse as they age, not better. Women think they can change bad boys. They want to be the woman who succeeds where others before her have failed. And then it doesn't happen.

Bad boys never have problems getting women. They're initially attractive and there's never a dull moment when a bad boy is around. But Brooke must have known that her husband would not be swapping his heady days for slippers, a glass of milk and a book by the fire in the evenings. She would have done well to have a little chat with former Bond girl, Denise Richards -- Sheen's second wife. Or perhaps Brooke should have just googled him before tying the knot and procreating. I mean, surely to goodness she must have known what lay in store? Half the world knows he's bad news and they haven't even met the guy.

In school the bad boys did well. We all fancied the guy who smoked behind the shed, who was rebellious, unpredictable and indifferent to girls. But what's cute at 15 is pathetic at 45.

It seems to me that women who chase bad boys, or even let themselves be chased by bad boys, are not in good places. We all like a challenge but there's a difference between that and tackling the impossible. Bad boys will never treat you well, never put you on a pedestal or put your needs first. Bad boys are like rollercoasters -- they're exciting, thrilling, exhilarating, and they make you scream. But they're also sickening. And two minutes is long enough.