What would Karl Henry say? Kathryn Thomas reveals weekend cheat meal


Kathryn Thomas

Kathryn Thomas is the queen of health and fitness and has the body to prove it.

The Operation Transformation presenter is known for her tough work outs and is a fan of the popular juice detoxes as well as intense bootcamps.

"I have done the three-day juice cleanse before with Juice Delivery Dublin which I felt great after," she said.

"Also, I went on a detox for a week at a bootcamp in Spain last year and felt amazing afterwards.

"My skin was bright and clear and my shorts were loose on me. Plus I was pleased with the work I did on defining my arms - they are my favourite feature," she added.

The blonde beauty revealed that she never diets and like most of us looks forward to her cheat meal at the end of the week.

"I try not to feel guilty because food should be enjoyed and I love my cheat days," she said.

"Saturday night takeaway and a bottle of wine tastes fabulous when you've been eating clean all week. So it's worth the wait."