What do you think...

Do you think that the curvier figure is back in fashion?

Anna Sadowska (26), Dublin 1

"Yes, I think that it is. You can see curvier models in the world of fashion, and also in magazines. It's good not to see really skinny girls."

Laura O'Connor (18), Clonskeagh

"No, I don't think so. On the runway, the models are still skinny. Nothing really has changed. And people of my age still aspire to be slim."

Leonie Mahon (20), Ranelagh

"Yes, definitely. I think it's because of programmes like Mad Men with Christina Hendricks and all the bad publicity about models being too skinny and starving themselves."

Elizabeth Day (32), Dun Laoghaire

"Yes, I do. There's more of a trend today towards being an individual and people are sick of seeing stick-like catwalk models. I don't think Kate Moss has aged well, whereas Cindy Crawford has."

Carina Moran (18), Sutton

"Big time. I think people are sick of looking at skinny people -- it's been done to death. Celebs are curvier these days, just think of Beyonce or Rihanna."