Training with Eddie McDonagh - Week 2

They say that a good start is half the battle, so make sure to take advantage of this good spell of weather to introduce your walking/running muscles to a way of living that could change your lifestyle for the better.

This training programme is designed to move you gradually into a regime, which will minimise aches and pains, as you adjust to each level at a reasonably comfortable pace.

Running, walking or jogging is one of the least expensive pastimes and is accessible for all ages, shapes and sizes. All that's needed is a park, field, or stretch of footpath and a good pair of shoes and tracksuit.

For added encouragement, train with a friend or join your local Meet & Train group.

Remember, if you are a beginner, most people who take part on race day will have started off from scratch like yourself. Get to it now and enjoy every moment!

Walkers' targets week 2

Day 1 Walk 20 mins (moderate pace).

Day 2 Alternative days exercise (aerobics, cycling, swimming, team games).

Day 3 Walk 25 mins (relaxed pace, preferably with a friend or group).

Joggers' targets week 2 (Beginners)

Day 1 Walk 10 mins; stretch 5 mins (warm- up); jog 10 mins; walk 10 mins (cool-down).

Day 2 As day 1 or 2, or alternative day's exercise.

Day 3 Walk 10 mins, stretch 5 mins (warm-up). Jog 10 mins. Walk 5 mins (cool-down).

Runners' targets week 2 (Reasonably fit)

Day 1 Walk 5 mins; stretch 5 mins (warm-up). Jog 20 mins. Walk 5 mins.

Day 2 As day 1.

Day 3 Walk 5 mins; stretch 5 mins (warm-up). Jog 25 mins. Walk 5 mins.

> Eddie McDonagh is part of Dundrum's Flora Women's Mini Marathon organising club dundrum south dublin

See www.florawomensmini for more info