Mum Lucy knows the importance of date nights

Lucy Kennedy

WORKING parents can find it hard to fit time in for romance but TV3's Lucy Kennedy is a believer that date night is a must.

The mum-of two revealed that she finds it strange to think of alone time with her husband, Richard, as 'date night' but knows that it is something she must make time for.

"As wonderful and amazing as having babies is, they do tend to put a stop to intimacy and romance for awhile," she pointed out.

But while romance is traded for domestic bliss, the Ballymount host admits she wouldn't trade her family life for the world.

It is not without challenges, however.

"It's funny though, because even though Richard and I live under the same roof, at times we are like ships passing in the night.

"When we do finally get a chance to sit down together, we're wrecked."

To ensure their 15-year relationship is kept in tip-top shape, the couple strive to make time for each each other whenever possible.