'I had to jump out of a cake in a shopping centre' - Lynn reveals the less glamorous moments as a model


Lynn Kelly

The life of a model seems incredibly glamorous but that's not always the case,Lynn Kelly says.

"Once I had to jump out of a birthday cakes in lingerie in a shopping centre - there's been some cringe outfits as well," she revealed.

"I remember I had a shoot for a magazine and I was so cold that I had the flu for two weeks afterwards.

"I was actually blue - it was a swim wear shoot. It was March and we were on Portmarnock beach - it was hell," she added.

Lynn (26) is fast becoming one of Ireland's catwalk queens but she admits that Irish models work hard for their enviable figures.

"A lot of people see models and think 'Oh she's so lucky' or 'They don't eat' but we're really healthy," she insists.

"All of the girls always have their food with them and we eat every couple of hours.

"Most of the girls work really hard for their bodies and it doesn't come as naturally as people think," the brunette beauty added.