I didn't try to make any friends at Miss World - Rosanna Davison

Rosanna Davison

Megawatt pageant smiles may look friendly, but the contestants are another story - or so says model Rosanna Davison.

The blonde (31) was crowned Miss World in 2003, and despite living with her fellow contenders for a month, she made no friends from her time in the competition.

Like all the other beauties battling it out, the Playboy cover girl had her eyes on the prize from the start.

"Everyone got on for the first few weeks, but it did get competitive towards the end," she said.

"The day after I won I didn't talk to anyone.

"I wouldn't say it was bitchy, but a lot of the girls weren't there to make life-long friends, they were there to enter a competition and I was too.

"We all had fun in the bus and in the hotels, but everyone was aware they were competing against one another."

It's been 12 years since her famous win in China, and now the Herald columnist and blogger will be mentoring aspiring beauty queens in Ireland's Miss University competition.

Rosanna, who was studying in UCD at the time of her Miss World win, will be sharing her wisdom with young students hoping to follow in her high-heeled steps.


Prior to her stint in the world of beauty contests, the qualified nutritional therapist insisted she was like any other college fresher when it came to partying.

"I enjoyed my first year - I was a typical first-year student, out every night at the bar and all that kind of thing, but for second and third year I definitely knuckled down," Rosanna said at the launch of Thomas Sabo's Autumn Winter collection.

"It wasn't really about the social side any more."

The lifestyle guru started to take her studies so seriously that she juggled essay writing with globe-trotting duties.

"I deferred college for a year, but I had to go back in the last three months of my title," she said.

"I ended up travelling a lot, so I had weeks of doing all my tutorials online - it was tough."

Even after her Miss World win, there was no time for Rosanna to relax, and although she was a fixture on the Dublin party circuit, she always had her reputation in mind.

"I was careful for a long time in nightclubs, but I'm not a mad party person these days anyway," she said.