how you can bring down your costs

Make sure your tyres are at the correct pressure. Low pressure increases the drag, which uses more fuel.

•Don't carry heavy items in your boot unless you're using them. Carting golf clubs around every day costs money in fuel. Take them out after the game.

•Remove roof-racks when not in use. The wind resistance slows the car.

•Air-con costs 8pc of your petrol bill, especially on older cars. Turn it off.

•Don't fill your tank -- the extra weight uses up fuel! Only half fill if your garage is nearby.

•Use the accelerator gradually. Revving is like "burning fivers" according the AA.

•Don't skimp on servicing -- it's a false economy.

•Consider a petrol card if you use the same brand, or a loyalty card if you use supermarket fuel.

•Can you car-pool with work colleagues? Better still, what about a bike or taking the bus?