Goal hero Stephanie misses her social life due to training

Stephanie Roche

Top footballer Stephanie Roche admits she misses her social life due to her strict training regime.

But the Puskas Goal of the Year nominee admits her friends and boyfriend are very understanding.

"I love going out with my friends and having a good time, but when I played in Ireland our matches were on a Sunday so it was difficult to have any sort of a social life," she said.

"My friends would be out every weekend and I'd have to give it up and say 'look, I can't go out I've a match', but my friends are very supportive and they know how much football means to me."

Stephanie (right) quit French team ASPTT Albi, six months into her contract, and is expected to sign for another high profile club in the coming weeks.

But she admits that it is hard being away from her boyfriend Dean.

"We've been together seven-and-a-half years so it's difficult because I miss him," Stephanie said. "But we both have something in common with football."