Favourite things: Bronwyn Murphy- White

Suzanne Yarker

1 Yamaha keyboard I've always been into music, and as a kid, I really, really, wanted a piano. I never got one, but one Christmas when I was seven, I got this Yamaha keyboard instead. Almost 21 years later, it is still pretty special to me -- featuring on most of our songs -- although the glitter nail polish that I painted all over it in the 90s was perhaps not the best idea.

2 Canadian cardigan Found in a thrift store in Canada, its sparklyness made this cardigan stand out on a rail of otherwise dull clothes. I'd never seen anything like it before -- annoyingly, I think they're now selling similar versions in Topshop -- and it went with everything. I've worn it so often, that people must think I've no other clothes.

3Under the Western Freeway CD This is the first album that made me want to play music, create musically, and think outside the box. Okay, so most of the songs on Grandaddy's Under the Western Freeway don't rhyme, but the lyrics are incredible. Listening to these 11 songs now, takes me back to 1997, when I was a teenager, and music wasn't so throw away.

4 Cat I absolutely love cats; they're funny and have such quirky personalities. I've had Socky since he was a kitten, and he's the definition of a scaredy cat. He's afraid of everything and anything, including ants, and other little insects. His favourite game is hiding, and then jumping out, when you least expect it. He's loads of fun; it's like having my own little teddy bear.

5 Toy Keyboard I bought this on eBay. It's circuit blended which means, although it looks like a toy, as soon as you twist the dials you get some really unique sounds, which have appeared in every song on our forthcoming album. There's also only one more keyboard like this in existence, which makes it that bit more special.

6star bracelet I don't believe in superstitions, but I always feel nervous if I'm not wearing this bracelet. I've had it since I was 17, and I see it as a lucky charm. I recently bought a packet of them, as a back-up -- just in case.

7 Dress One of the perks of going on tour is shopping and getting stuff you wouldn't be able to find at home, such as this 80s prom dress that I bought for €8 in a thrift store in Berlin. As soon as you put it on, you instantly feel great. It is my happy dress.

8 Cartoon My boyfriend knows I love Socky, and commissioned this cartoon illustration by artist Alessandra Sorrentino, who worked on the animation for The Secret of Kells, picturing me and Socky. It's the most thoughtful present ever.

9 Glockenspiel The act of hitting something and a tune coming out fascinates me. I had to save up for this. It resonates a really bright sound that has really enhanced most of our songs and it's great fun to play.

10 soft toy collection I think it's really funny when animals that aren't associated with being cuddly are made into soft toys. I have quite an obsession with collecting these strange toys -- I have two snakes, a ram, a bee, an ostrich and a turkey.

Grand Pocket Orchestra has just signed a deal with Universal Music, and their tunes are set to feature on adverts in the US for Reese's and Disney. Their debut album is set for release shortly. For more news log on to www.myspace.com/ grandpocketorchestra