Favourite things: Anna Brady

Suzanne Yarker

Flowers Some people have a weakness for shoes or bags, my weakness is hair accessories; bows, hair-bands, flowers -- I have a mountain of them in my room. They're perfect for those bad-hair days. You just throw one on and your hair's instantly prettier.

MAC Studio Fix and Blusher These two are my make-up musts. Studio Fix is perfect for summer time, since it's not too heavy and stays on for ages and I love the colour of this blusher -- it's young and bright, and gives that fresh-faced look.

Shutter Island I saw the film before I read the book but it's unbelievable how the movie sticks so perfectly to the novel, literally page for page. There are just so many twists and turns that you don't see coming . . . it's such a good book.

CUDDLY SIMBA Disney was such a huge part of my life growing up -- we watched all the films, and the soundtracks were constantly on repeat -- that today, I still enjoy the films. A favourite has to be The Lion King and, because of this, my boyfriend, Daniel, bought me this mini Simba.

Cabinet My granny owned this cabinet when she was younger. It looks like it has come from an old Hollywood film set. However, it doesn't just have a past, and look great; it's also very functional -- I keep all my accessories in it.

Red dress I had been looking for a red dress for ages, but couldn't find one that fitted, or in the colour that I wanted. Then, one day, I walked into Julien in the St Stephen's Green Centre and there was this single red dress. Luckily it fitted perfectly. It's become my favourite frock . . . a real diva number.

Painting Ages ago, I spotted a photograph in an old Parisian magazine of a glamorous woman wearing a hat over her face in classic Hollywood style. It was exactly the kind of picture I was looking for for my bedroom -- vibrant and bright. I'd forgotten about it, until my sister presented me with her hand-painted version of it for my 21st birthday.

Necklace During my first opera course, I met one of my best friends Jen. Music was a big bonding factor, but she also made me laugh . . . she's just on my wavelength. For her birthday, I bought these matching necklaces and now I only have to touch the chain and I think of her.

Red lipstick I feel undressed without my lipstick -- even wearing jeans.

You feel more groomed when you put on some lippy. Lady Danger by MAC is a favourite; it stands out for all the right reasons.

family photo I have five sisters, who are a huge part of my life, but it's tricky to get everyone together and we usually only all meet up for special occasions. This was taken at my 21st birthday party.

We look similar, share clothes and can talk about everything. They're not just my sisters, they're my friends.

Soprano Anna Brady sings the role of Annina at Loughcrew Garden Opera's 2010 production of Verdi's La Traviata on June 5 and 6, at Loughcrew Estate & Gardens, Oldcastle, Co Meath. For bookings call 049 854 1356 or log onto www.loughcrew.com