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Dublin’s Ghostbus is back on the road and looking for actors to join the team


Dublin's Ghostbus tour returns on September 13

Dublin's Ghostbus tour returns on September 13

Dublin's Ghostbus tour returns on September 13

Have you ever dreamed of scaring people and getting paid for it? Dublin’s Ghostbus Tour is back and is returning to the city's streets on September 13, in plenty of time for Halloween.

Ghostbus is looking for actors to join the team. Workers must be available to work evenings and throughout October.

The tour has become one of the spookiest ways to see Dublin as a tourist, or as a Dubliner looking to enjoy some jump scares for an alternative night out.

Dublin Bus describes the tour as allowing passengers to visit “Dublin’s dark secrets”.

“The Ghostbus Tour brings these stories back to life in sinister detail, including many tales that shocked, repulsed or horrified Dubliners back in the day. ”

Passengers are entertained by the driver and a storyteller as they visit spooky scenes such as the steps of St Audoen's Church, where customers are told “the ghost of Darky Kelly still roams to this day”.

Visitors also learn about historic incidents of body snatching and hear about a sadistic Dublin surgeon, Dr Clossey.

No tales of Dublin’s horrifying past would be complete without looking into the inspiration behind Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Tour storytellers are experienced professional actors. The Dublin Ghostbus tour was the first of its kind in the world, and the idea has now been copied across the globe.

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