Order of Malta Ireland has provided medical services to the Flora Women's Mini Marathon through its Ambulance Corps since the inception of the event in 1983.

Over the past 29 years we have seen the event grow from strength to strength. The number of participants has grown to unprecedented levels and the race is now one of the major women's athletic events supported worldwide.

To support the event, Order of Malta Ireland provides a wide range of medical services ranging from doctors, nurses, advance paramedics, paramedics, EMTs and first responders. In total, we have up to 100 personnel on duty.

We provide eight ambulances, strategically located throughout the course. Casualties are transported to the medical centre or directly to hospital, depending on their condition. We also provide rapid response using bicycle teams and a 4x4 vehicle.

Communication is critical at such a large event and we have developed a network of communication over the years to ensure the best service is available for all participants. A command centre is located at the event with a dedicated phone number through which all stewards can request medical assistance.

Order of Malta Ireland has always been impressed with the numbers participating each year and the standard of their fitness, but we remain available to provide medical services when required.

The Women's Mini Marathon has proven to be an enjoyable and memorable occasion for all involved and Order of Malta Ireland is committed to ensuring the highest standard of care is available. We look forward to our continued support for the Flora Women's Mini Marathon for many years to come and wish the event every success in the future.