Jim in rant at author

Frank Roche

DONEGAL'S crowning glory has come with a bitter aftertaste after Jim McGuinness cut loose at the author of the book that led to Kevin Cassidy's exclusion from his squad last November.

McGuinness refused to conduct the official post All-Ireland interviews with newspaper journalists until Declan Bogue had left the media room.

The reporter and author of 'This Is Our Year' duly departed. In his absence, the Donegal boss (right) explained his hardline stance by claiming: "There were a lot of untruths in the book. There was a lot of things said about me. I've never broken court on it since the whole thing happened.

"I've held my dignity. I've let myself be castigated. And I did that because I gave somebody an agreement that I wouldn't break my court on it.

"There were a lot of things said in the book that were incorrect and untrue, some of it possibly lies about me personally and about some of my players," he alleged.

Working in Croke Park after yesterday's final, which ended in a famous 2-11 to 0-13 victory for Donegal, Bogue declined to comment on his exclusion.

McGuinness also turned his ire on another unidentified member of the media who had "written vile falsehoods".