IRFU and Six Nations chiefs seek a solution

Andy Farrell

Cian Tracey

The IRFU are working frantically with their Italian counterparts and Six Nations chiefs to find a suitable date to rearrange their postponed fixture as the tournament hangs in the balance.

Further disruption to the remaining Six Nations schedule look inevitable as the threat of the coronavirus rapidly spreads across Europe.

There are serious ramifications for games being called off, particularly because Six Nations home games are a major cash cow for each of the unions, including the IRFU.

As well as that, ranking points are crucial this year ahead of the draw which takes place in November for the 2023 World Cup, .

A home game for Andy Farrell's side against Italy would have significantly helped Ireland in both regards, as they look to ensure that they are ranked in the top four ahead of the draw.

The IRFU have encouraged fans to retain their tickets, which suggests that they are confident the game will be rearranged.