I recall sharing sambos with Sean

II never imagined, when I shared a meal with him in a cold security hut more than 40 years ago, that I would one day see Sean Doherty immortalised on the screen. I served with Sean Doherty, the former Minister for Justice, when he was a detective garda in the late 1960s. I remember doing protection duty with him on the home of the ex-Taoiseach Liam Cosgrave in Rathfarmham. Little did I think then that the garda I was splitting a sandwich with would eventually be my boss, as Minister for Justice, and later be a leading subject in an RTE drama about the Haughey years. Well, that was the case when I tuned into the second episode of 'Charlie' last weekend. As someone who remembers the era, I must say I find the show a totally enjoyable experience. Of course, one has to suspend belief at times, after all it is a drama. But it's enjoyable and as good a take on the Haughey era as we're likely to see. It was still a little strange seeing my old colleague, or a version of him, on screen though.