Stephanie Roche.

Minister Leo Varadkar.

Sean Quinn.

thumbnail: Stephanie Roche.
thumbnail: Minister Leo Varadkar.
thumbnail: Sean Quinn.

IIf you watched the FIFA Ballon d'Or awards this week you saw a star being born. Stephanie Roche may not have won the Goal of the Year but her second placing, and her appearance, at the ceremony saw her grab the headlines. Her wonder goal has been seen by millions and she outshone the world's top footballers - the sporting world should now be her oyster.

SSometimes I despair for the future of this country. Sean Quinn, declared bankrupt with €1.2bn in debts, will emerge from this in two days time. The only sanction Quinn will suffer for his mad, reckless financial gambling is to pay €20,000 more over the coming two years. Meantime, he's back swanning around his old HQ as if nothing happened. What justice is there in this?