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Woman who stole groceries from Swords supermarket says she forgot her PIN number


Swords District Court

Swords District Court

Swords District Court


A 42-year-old woman who stole €80 worth of groceries from a local supermarket claimed she was upset following a domestic dispute with her partner and couldn’t remember her pin number, a court has heard.

Catriona Doherty pleaded guilty to theft at JC’s Supermarket, Swords on February 3rd, 2022.

Defence solicitor Fiona D’Arcy said the defendant told staff she would come back with the cash for the items.

When she went home her partner told her he would “sort it out” but failed to do so.

The defendant, of Abeeylee Avenue, Swords, also pleaded guilty to driving without insurance or a valid driving licence at the carpark of JC’s supermarket.

Sergeant Patricia McGarrity told Swords District Court the defendant entered the supermarket on February 3rd last, put groceries to the value of €80.84 into a trolley and went to the counter to pay.

The card she was used was declined and as staff attempted to use another card Doherty took the opportunity to leave the store without paying for the goods.

Sergeant McGarrity said the accused was captured on CCTV driving a silver Mercedes in the carpark of the supermarket.

Ms D’Arcy said on the day in question she was the victim of domestic violence and when she left the house, she thought her partner would follow her so “stupidly” got into his car and drove to the supermarket.

The solicitor said Doherty had tried to pay for the groceries but was so upset by what had just happened she put her PIN in wrong three times.

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She said the defendant told the supermarket employees she would go and get cash to pay for the items.

Doherty went home and spoke to her partner who said he would “sort it out” and she believed he would.

Further rows ensued and the couple broke up, Ms D’Arcy said, adding her client thought her ex-partner had settled the grocery bill.

The solicitor said Doherty, a mother of five, has no previous convictions for theft and had come to court with €100 compensation for shop.

She asked the judge to deal with the matter as leniently as possible under the circumstances.

Judge John O’Leary said he took a “serious view” of thefts such as these as they put jobs in jeopardy but he said given the circumstances of the case he convicted Doherty and imposed a €50.

The district court judge further fined the defendant €450 for driving with no insurance and a further €150 for driving without a driving licence, disqualifying her from driving for two years.