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Victim was headbutted outside a Spar shop after two men ‘fell out over a girl’


Swords Court

Swords Court

Swords Court


A 29-year-old man who headbutted another male outside a Spar shop after the pair "fell out over a girl" has been given the benefit of the Probation Act.

Richard White struck the injured party, Graham Campbell in the car park of the Spar at Holywell in Swords after the pair met to discuss an ongoing dispute.

The court heard the background to the case was that the injured party had tried to provide the defendant's girlfriend with his number at her place of work and this caused trouble between the two men.

Garda Alison McKenna said Graham Campbell came to Swords Garda Station on July 21st, 2019 and said he had been assaulted by Richard White.

Mr Campbell had two black eyes and a bruised nose with a cut which had to be glued back together.

The injured party told her there was an ongoing dispute between the two and he met Richardson to "clear the air" but instead he had been assaulted.

She said in CCTV footage from the carpark shows the defendant striking the victim.

Richardson was invited to make a statement on September 21 and while he initially came in and sat down he then left without making a statement, Garda McKenna said.

On October 29, 2019 the defendant was arrested.

During his first interview he said no comment to all questions but during a second interview he said he was in fear and felt he had to defend himself.

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The solicitor for the defence, Paul Ferris, said his client claimed he was in fear for his own safety and simply defending himself, hitting Graham before he hit him.

However, Garda McKenna said CCTV footage showed the victim sitting in his car before the defendant got out of his car and headbutted the injured party. She said this all happened during a one second period and there was no conversation between the two.

The garda said she was informed last week that the two males have made up.

Giving evidence, Graham Campbell said this had been an "unfortunate incident" for which the defendant has apologised.

"This happened two years ago and as far as I'm concerned it's resolved," he said. "I don't want Richie to have a conviction for this."

Describing it as "an unusual situation" Judge John Brennan said it was unfortunate that "two young men who knew each other fell out over a girl". However, he said this was not the way to deal with things.

Applying the Probation Act, Judge Brennan said: "I note Graham Campbell's reluctant evidence and the fact the defendant has apologised. I think both parties have learned a lesson here."