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The daa reports ‘significant improvements’ for passengers at Dublin Airport


Queues at Dublin Airport easing says daa

Queues at Dublin Airport easing says daa

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Queues at Dublin Airport easing says daa


daa has reported “significant improvements” in the amount of time it is taking passengers to get through security screening at Dublin Airport, due to a number of factors.

The continued reduction in processing times, aided by the ongoing recruitment of new security staff and the availability of prudent contingency measures, can provide "increased reassurance to those travelling over the coming weeks”, daa has said.

Speaking at a Joint Oireachtas Transport Committee Hearing recently, Vincent Harrison, Dublin Airport Managing Director said that during the month of July so far – Dublin Airport's busiest month in three years which will see almost 3.1 million passengers pass through – more than 95% of all passengers have passed through security in under 45 minutes, while more than 85% of passengers have queued for 30 minutes or less.

This builds on a strong performance during June, which saw Dublin Airport handle more than 2.8 million passengers in total, with around 90% of passengers passing through security in 45 minutes or less.

daa has said this improved performance is the result of a continued bolstering of the security screening operation at Dublin Airport, with a concerted and ongoing recruitment drive meaning that staffing levels are now back to around 2019 levels.

The recruitment of more than 150 security officers since the beginning of June means that since October 2021, daa has almost doubled its security team at Dublin Airport through the hiring of more than 350 officers.

The recruitment of additional staff will continue over the weeks and months ahead, daa has confirmed.

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Dublin Airport continues to advise passengers to arrive 2.5 hours in advance for a short-haul flight, and 3.5 hours for a long-haul flight, with an additional hour allowed if checking in a bag.

Passenger advice remains under constant review and daa has said it looks forward to reducing the advised arrival times “when the time is right.”

daa has said its priority is to ensure that passengers make their flights this summer and the recent changes implemented and contingency mechanisms put in place are ensuring continued improvement in the experience of passengers at Dublin Airport.

Any changes to passenger advice will be agreed in consultation with all airline partners and communicated to passengers accordingly, daa confirmed.

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