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Taxi drivers in Malahide up in arms at loss of rank after the pedestrianisation of New Street


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Taxi drivers serving the Malahide area say they are being robbed of a chance to make a living by the loss of a town centre taxi rank due to the pedestrianisation of New Street.

Taxi drivers are planning protests in the town to voice their opposition to the loss of the busy rank on New Street.

A spokesperson for the Malahide taxi drivers, Francis Knott said the decision to remove the rank was “depriving us of making a living".

He acknowledged that an alternative rank has been set up on St James Terrace but he complained the new rank was much smaller and was “out of the way” of the night time business in the area which has been returning steadily since pubs and restaurants were allowed to reopen.

He said the new temporary rank was “completely useless”.

He complained that taxi drivers were falling foul of gardaí when they try alternative spots for picking up passengers and that the town had become very difficult to work in.

Mr Knott called on Fingal County Council to provide a permanent new rank for the town and one that was as close to the size and location of the New Street rank, as possible.

He said that taxi drivers were planning to “escalate” their protests over the issue.

The Fingal Independent put the taxi drivers’ complains to Fingal County Council, who responded to this newspaper with a statement.

A council spokesperson said: “At present, there are a number of options for taxi drivers in Malahide to park and queue or collect passengers.

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"There is a taxi rank on James's Terrace or the loading bays on The Mall, Dublin Rd and Church St, which are located on each approach to the Diamond.

"These are designated for Loading from 7am to 7pm and Taxi from 7pm to 7am.”

The council spokesperson added: “Fingal County Council has met with a representative of the taxi drivers on a number of occasions to look at various options for taxi rank locations.

"These options are now being reviewed and discussions are taking place with An Garda Síochána as well as other bodies such as the NTA and Dublin Bus. When the review is completed, we plan to discuss the recommendations with the taxi representative and elected representatives.”