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Swords mum Becky Archbold to have a ‘bloody’ good time on new vampire movie ‘Tara Hill’


Becky Archbold on the set of 'Tara Hill'

Becky Archbold on the set of 'Tara Hill'

Becky Archbold on the set of 'Tara Hill'


There are exciting times ahead for Swords mum Becky Archbold as the model is set to become an actress.

Little did she know, this time last year that she would be cast as the leading lady in a vampire film called “Tara Hill”.

Director/Writer Bobby Cullen of Ryker Films spotted Becky and took a chance on her, even though she did not have a lot of experience in filming.

Becky has been modelling a few years now and is well used to the camera.

She has also walked the catwalk on many fashion shows including; Style Warriors fashion and Entertainment Show and other charity events.

She has now been granted the opportunity to see herself up on the big screen in the gothic fantasy film “Tara Hill”.

Marc Hughes, award winning producer of film “Red Room” has merged with Bobby Cullen under the name of Ryker Films. Together, they plan to enter “Tara Hill” into the Cork Film Festival and The Richard Harris Film Festival this Autumn.

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Bobby is also an accomplished singer and songwriter. His songs are featured in the upcoming film “Tara Hill”.

“My Carousel” is Bobby Cullens’ rock song, which he sang and produced himself.

Wardrobe for the entire film has been designed by Carina Cunningham who is based at Ardgillan Castle.

Make-up is a very important part of a vampire film and none other than the very well-known make-up artist Gillian Stapleton is on set fixing vampire fangs at her best.

According to Carina Cunningham: “This will be a super film with amazing scenery; sea, forests, hills, and lakes.

“The next scene will be shot in Style Warriors Dreamscape room 102 Ardgillan Castle, where my room will be transformed into a Smokey Vampire Local Pub. My room, set up with candles and lady vampires will be the perfect setting.

“Once again costumes will need to be co-ordinated with make-up to set the scene. This fantasy world is my style and needless to say, I will be in my element helping style this. Actress

“Becky Archbold will look fabulous in Red, plus at least ten other vampires dressed to taste and kill. Blood is the drug for Becky and her kin.”

Becky Archbold has also been cast in a new programme which will be filmed in the autumn. Watch this space for more details on that one as it’s under wraps right now.