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St Molaga’s Senior NS provides council with more information on plans for new school building


Fingal County Hall

Fingal County Hall

Fingal County Hall


A national school in Balbriggan has provided Fingal County Council with additional information as part of its efforts to secure a new building.

St Molaga’s Senior National School, located on Drogheda Street, has submitted a planning application to Fingal County Council, which, if granted, will transform conditions for its staff and pupils.

The original planning application was lodged last December but the local authority has requested additional information from the school’s board of management before making a decision.

The plan proposes the removal of all temporary and existing school buildings on the site. The development will involve the construction of a new two-storey school building, comprising 19 classrooms, 10 resource rooms, one staff room, two staff offices, one general purpose hall, associated storage rooms and servery.

A multi-purpose room, toilets for staff and students, a library/resource room, two base classrooms for the special needs unit, one central activities space, ancillary accommodation and a plant room are also included in the plans.

There will be new vehicular and pedestrian entrances provided, in addition to an internal bus set-down area, staff car parking and cycle parking.

Proposals for a sensory garden, ball court, hard/soft play areas and landscaping, as well as wastewater and storm drainage systems, are also detailed in the planning application.

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Independent councillor for Balbriggan, Tony Murphy, said it was “unfortunate” to note that this latest application was a result of an additional information request by Fingal planners.

“This delays the process and, when deemed significant, means they have to put a site notice up again,” he said. “I welcome the application but am disappointed it’s an additional information request.

“This school has been seeking support to remove the prefabs for many years and they have campaigned hard for the Department of Education to agree to the investment.”

Cllr Murphy added: “I would hope Fingal County Council’s planning department will deliver its decision on this application as soon as possible. All schools in Balbriggan need to be of the highest standard, for the sake of both teachers and pupils.”

St Molaga’s National School, which is under the patronage of the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin, first opened in September 1987 and now has 470 pupils and a teaching staff of 28.