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Skerries Karate club is chopping its way to success


Members of WSKF Sedai Karate Skerries

Members of WSKF Sedai Karate Skerries

Members of WSKF Sedai Karate Skerries


The last number of months have been a hive of activity at WSKF Sedai Karate Skerries with club members busy with training and extra preparation for the WSKF Junior National Championships and grading examinations.

An indicator of the continuing commitment by students was evident at the recent WSKF Junior National Championships held in Dundrum where eight Sedai students competed in both kata and kumite in their respective categories.

In both disciplines, referees consider factors such as correct technique, strength, speed, rhythm, balance and power of movement.

The championships offered an opportunity for students to judge their own personal progress and better understand and evaluate their performances from training practice and previous competition.

First on the tatami was individual and team kata events where all eight competitors performed individually in their respective categories with six making up two Sedai teams.

There were strong team performances given Sedai team A by Tadgh, Noah and Lola and Sedai team B by Ruadhan, Jake and Vincenzo both scoring well, but unfortunately just outside of medal playoffs.

In the individual events there were some fantastic personal performances by Noah, Tadhg and Jake.

Some great progressions were made through some tough and lengthy rounds leading to medal positions for Ruadhan taking silver in kumite and bagging bronze in kata.

There was a family celebration for Matteo winning silver in kumite with bronze in kata and his brother Vincenzo also winning bronze in his kumite event.

There was a bronze in kumite, for Tristan but it was his kata performances throughout the rounds that were judged to be exceptional, earning him a gold medal and the National Kata Champion title 2022.

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Last, but by no means least, a special mention of outstanding performances by Sedai’s only female competitor on the day, Lola Schwer. This petit young lady competed in individual kata and kumite progressing through several rounds in both disciplines with performances that wowed judges and spectators alike with her amazing kicks, focus and pure determination. It was a remarkable and well deserved National Championship double title for this young athlete.

With national junior championships complete, Sedai students were in preparation for their grading exam.

This weekend’s grading saw the grading panel headed by WSKF Ireland Chief Instructor Mark Sheridan.

Grading students presented themselves in small groups and complete three elements of their syllabus, Kihon, Kata and Kumite. Each element is graded with consideration towards techniques, combinations, stances and kime. It was nervous wait for students and parents awaiting other students to finish before the final line up and the results announced. Congratulations to Matilda, Thomas and Theodore who graded from white to orange, Andrew, Arlo, Cillian, Lola, Ruadhan, Vincenzo, Keane, Matteo, Noah, Tadhg and Jack who graded from orange to Red and Tristan and Nileska Romano grading to Purple stripe 4th Kyu.