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Skerries community says sad farewell to ‘shining light’ Kay Coleman


Kay Coleman (right) with JP Browne and Brid Walsh on a sleepout in Skerries for Focus Ireland.

Kay Coleman (right) with JP Browne and Brid Walsh on a sleepout in Skerries for Focus Ireland.

Kay Coleman (right) with JP Browne and Brid Walsh on a sleepout in Skerries for Focus Ireland.


Skerries this week said a fond farewell to “shining light” Kay Coleman, leading community activist and Vice President of Skerries Chamber of Commerce, who passed away on Thursday July 25.

A leading organiser of Skerries town festivals, Kay was known to go to any lengths to help people in the town with whatever concern they might have.

Ollie Grimes, long-time friend of Kay’s and owner of Ollie’s Place in Skerries, pays tribute to the community leader who was truly “one of a kind.”

“Kay’s done a huge amount of community events here in Skerries from the festivals with Martin Scully, who’s the President of the Skerries Chamber, all the way through to looking after St Patrick’s Day parades.

“She was the main anchor for the Skerries Christmas lights, the town was in complete darkness for years, then when the recession hit we just wanted to kind of brighten up the community a little bit. And she’s been working on that vigorously ever since.”

Mainly involved in the festivals in Skerries, Kay also worked alongside several Rush events. As Ollie explains, if there was anyone in the town ill or in need of assistance she’d see what could be done to help, “either financially or emotionally.”

Kay had her own business in Skerries working as a wedding planner. According to Ollie, she would go “above and beyond” the call of duty in ensuring clients were happy with what she had to offer, and “always went the extra mile.”

Ollie says: “She was an absolutely beautiful person, she had a beautiful smile. If she met anybody on the street she’d have a big open hug, she was very very warm and very welcoming to anybody she might meet. She just wanted to help everybody, she was just one of a kind to be honest with you.

“I think she’s going to be remembered as a shining light within our town, everybody is basically talking about the darkness that has overcome the community over the last few days.

"...she will be seen as the shining light of our community and we fully intend to show that this Christmas when we go to light up our community once more.”

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Kay is survived by husband Jim, Jamie, Treacy, Ben, Rebecca, Jancsi and grandchildren.