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Skerries Community Centre celebrates 40 years of service to the seaside town


Board of Management of Skerries Community Centre at the 40th anniersary celebrations.

Board of Management of Skerries Community Centre at the 40th anniersary celebrations.

Board of Management of Skerries Community Centre at the 40th anniersary celebrations.


Skerries Community Centre was a hive of activity recently, when the centre celebrated its 40th anniversary with the whole community.

Crowds descended on the centre on Sunday August 7 to join in on the celebrations which included bouncy castles, puppet shows and festivities.

In attendance were Cllr Tom O’Leary (FG), Cllr Seána Ó’Rodaigh (LAB) and Cllr Karen Power (GR).

Sharon Guinan is the Manager of Skerries Community Centre: “It went really well, we had over 2000 people up here, so it was great. It was fantastic, a big big day and we had stuff going on on the all-weather pitch, tennis going on in the tennis courts, we had the ukulele ladies walking around playing, we had a trad session, we had puppet shows and we had magic shows. It went off fantastic and then obviously the weather helped.”

Sharon says: “We just invited the whole of Skerries, it was a completely free day and we had candy floss and popcorn and sweets, crisps and drinks. Our own current board of management was there and every member of staff came in to help with the day.

“We finished the kids at about half five or quarter to six, then that evening then we had 170 people seated in the hall, all of the ex-committee members. It was people from over the 40 years, who started the centre and who were on all the different committees throughout the years. So we had a meal and a night then, and that went on until about 10.30pm or 11.”

Speeches were given by Jane Landy, who gave out various awards, Chairperson of Board of Management of Community Centre, Shay Fanning gave his speech, then Kevin Halpenny, head of Fingal County Council Parks Department, gave a speech also.

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Sharon says: “The awards went to Michal Lynch, because he was the head of the Parks Department 40 years ago. Then there was another award given to a lady called Mary Conway because she was on the original committee 40 years ago and she’s still on the committee.

“Then there was an award given to Shay because Shay is over 30 years on the board of management of the community centre.”

Sharon says Skerries Community Centre is vitally important to Skerries: “Well, it’s 40 years going now, and it has really come on. Originally it was four or five user groups, but now we’ve 52 user groups in the centre.

"So I would say the community centre is the centre hub of Skerries. There’s 52 user groups, so no matter what your child is into, whether it be football, karate, dancing, singing, science, there’s every single thing that you could think of. And not just sports, there’s theatre and drama, there’s  Lego clubs…

She concludes: “I’m just over 15 years here now, but it was just a really really great day, and it just shows the volunteerism in Skerries. There’s still a lot of people who are willing to give up their time on a voluntary basis in Skerries, which is great.”