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Senator Regina Doherty insists traffic calming must be examined at ‘lethal’ Loughshinny crossroads


Senator Regina Doherty

Senator Regina Doherty

Senator Regina Doherty


Fine Gael Senator Regina Doherty and Cllr Tom O’Leary have called on the council to implement additional traffic-calming measures at Ballykea Cross, Loughshinny.

Known as the location of The Yacht Bar, Ballykea Cross has been the site of multiple car accidents in the past few years.

Senator Doherty said: “The issues regarding the safety of Ballykea Cross were first brought to my attention just over a year ago and I have made several representations to Fingal County Council in relation to it.

"I heard from Loughshinny residents that the crossroads – which are along the road between Skerries to Rush – have become a “free-for-all” due to a lack of proper traffic calming measures.

“The number of accidents that have taken place at the crossroads and in its vicinity make it quite clear to me that it is unsafe. This may be a rural road, but it is becoming busier every year, and at certain times of the day it can be lethal.”

Cllr O’Leary (FG) added: “I am calling on Fingal County Council to review this junction at Loughshinny and the approach roads to and from the junction – between Rush and Skerries – and to devise more traffic calming measures to make the junction safe for all...”

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