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‘Save Malahide’ campaign demands the re-opening of New Street in the wake of Covid restrictions being lifted


The 'Save Malahide' Campaign at a protest in the town, last year. (pic by Siobhan Taylor)

The 'Save Malahide' Campaign at a protest in the town, last year. (pic by Siobhan Taylor)

The 'Save Malahide' Campaign at a protest in the town, last year. (pic by Siobhan Taylor)


The removal of most COVID-19 restrictions has been warmly welcomed by the Save Malahide Village campaign, who are now calling on Fingal County Council to “re-open New Street in the village with immediate effect”.

The campaign is a coalition of local residents, retailers, restaurateurs and other businesses who have been campaigning since June 2020 against the closure of the street to traffic. the campaign is calling for a Public Realm Strategy which they say has been previously agreed, to be put in place instead.

Speaking on behalf of the campaign, local businesswoman Margaret Donnellan said: “We are delighted to see the restrictions being lifted.

“It has been a challenging time for businesses and residents. With this positive news, we are confident that Malahide can become an even more attractive place for visitors and locals alike.

“This must include the re-opening of New Street, implementing the Public Realm Strategy and having inclusive public consultation. The new year is a fresh opportunity to move forward and create a shared village for all.”

Margaret continued “Fingal County Council insisted the street was closed to traffic on public health grounds as they believed that additional space for social distancing was needed in the village centre, ignoring the very real concerns expressed by many businesses and residents living on the street and the range of public space already available to pedestrians in the area.

“With the lifting of restrictions the basis for the closure no longer exists.

“The council initiative has caused great division in our community, and they would be acting in bad faith if they insisted on further extending what was supposed to be a ten week trial almost two years ago.”

The Malahide Public Realm Strategy is a council plan for Malahide village, part of the Fingal County Development Plan 2017-2023.

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