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Planning permission application for major health facility in Swords is ruled as ‘invalid’


Fingal County Hall

Fingal County Hall

Fingal County Hall


A planning application has been ruled as ‘”invalid” for a healthcare facility at Holywell Distributor Road, Swords, Co Dublin.

The planning application was refused by Fingal County Council due to an “Invalid Planning Application.”

The planned development, as applied for by Vhi Group DAC, relates to a location at Barrysparks & Crowcastle, Holywell Distributor Road, Swords, Co Dublin.

It consists of a healthcare facility of 4,425.8 sqm gross floor area (GFA), across three storeys over a lower ground floor level car park and all ancillary site works on a site of 2.4 ha.

At ground floor level, the proposed Healthcare facility accommodates a welcome area with café and community space, a physiotherapy unit with a gym, support spaces, administrative areas, staff and visitor welfare facilities and storage areas.

The upper floors of the proposed healthcare facility accommodate an urgent care unit and diagnostics imaging services, together with all associated clinical support rooms, administration spaces, storage and welfare spaces.

The proposed lower ground floor level contains car parking (77 no. car parking spaces including 2 no. disabled parking spaces), storage areas, services and utilities (including medical gas room; ESB substation; switch room; pump room; fan room; medical and general waste areas; linen storage; generators; a water storage tank; and an external service yard.)

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A total of 100 no. car parking spaces are proposed (23 no. surface level and 77 no. spaces at lower ground floor level). Six no. motorcycle spaces are proposed as lower ground floor level.

A set down area, an ambulance set down area, a facilities management set down area, and 60 no. bicycle spaces (comprising 32 no. long stay covered spaces and 28 no. short stay spaces) are proposed at surface level.

Ancillary signage comprises of: 1 no. high-level sign of 18 sqm on the eastern elevation; 1 no. high­ level sign of 12 sqm on the southern elevation; 4 no. wayfinding totem signs; and 2 no. finger post signs.

The proposed healthcare facility will be accessed from the existing roundabout via a 150-metre extension of the Holywell Distributor Road.

It is proposed to connect to existing foul water service infrastructure at the Rl32, and to water services at the Holywell Distributor Road via the proposed road extension.

These, and all associated site and infrastructural works including surface water drainage, attenuation areas, plant and photovoltaic panels (at roof level), open space, boundary and landscape treatments will be on a site of 2.4 ha.

The planning application was registered on August 2 2022 and was refused on August 5 2022.

The reason for planning refusal by Fingal County Counicl was “Invalid Planning Permission.”

The application was deemed invalid as it failed to comply with articles of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001.

These relate to the fact that the newspaper and site notice “must indicate that a Natura Impact Statement has been submitted with the application.”

And also: “The newspaper and site notice must indicate that the Natura Impact Statement is available for inspection or purchase during the office hours at the Planning Authority.”