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Opening new ‘Cupcakes and Counting’ cafe in Swords was ‘a piece of cake’ for this couple


Jay Vista and Jenny Rojas from Cupcakes and Counting. Pic: Fintan Clarke

Jay Vista and Jenny Rojas from Cupcakes and Counting. Pic: Fintan Clarke

Jay Vista and Jenny Rojas from Cupcakes and Counting. Pic: Fintan Clarke


Progressing from a successful home business in 2016, Cupcakes and Counting has just opened a new café in Swords, and if the past two weeks are anything to judge by, the locals just can’t get enough.

Run by owner Jay Vista and wife Jen, Café C&C offers the finest of delicacies, all lovingly prepared by a dedicated team of bakers and baristas.

Specialists in wedding cake design, the business now offers delightful treats to please the palate, and an accompanying coffee shop to boot.

Jay speaks to The Fingal Independent: “So, Cupcakes and Counting, we were a home business back in 2016 and we were operating at home for about three years.

"The core service of the business would be making wedding cakes, so we have been making wedding cakes since 2016, but we would also make celebration cakes when schedule permits.

“On top of that, Jen also teaches in decorating classes, specifically on the sugar flower making. She started travelling internationally in 2018 so she started teaching in Paris and then it kind of snowballed from there.”

The couple travelled to London, Singapore, America, Canada, Dubai and parts of Asia, and soon found in 2019 that the business had outgrown their kitchen setup.

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They opened their shop in July 2019, and then “six months later, the pandemic happened.”

Jay says: “Obviously we couldn’t open or operate as normal, so we reverted back to making smaller treats and cupcakes. We started selling cupcakes locally, so we could only sell cupcakes to people in and around Swords.”

Jay found that every customer who came into the store wanted to know if they sold coffee, which is where the idea for Café C&C came from, he says.

“We waited until we were stable enough again and on the 1st of August we opened Café C&C, it’s in the same premises, we’ve just added a coffee bar. So we’ve changed the layout of the studio and we’ve added a coffee bar and tables and chairs.” 

On the success of the business so far, Jay says: “It’s great, the reception from the locals has been really really good, they were very welcoming. A good number of our customers who we were selling cupcakes to during the pandemic came back to congratulate us that we had opened the coffee shop.

"We would have a good number of locals who would come in regularly, I know we only opened last week but we’ve seen a good few of them on a regular basis now. So I’d have to say we’ve been well-received by Swords.”

The business is run by Jay and his wife, Jen, along with a baker and barista, who are also both from Swords. Jay and Jen are now looking for another baker, barista and cake decorator to complement the existing team.

While the core business will always be wedding cakes, Jay says, he’s happy to be serving members of the local community, and bringing a little cupcake of joy into their lives.

Cafe C&C is based in unit 2, Rivermall, Swords, Co Dublin.