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Oldtown woman fined for careless driving on the R130


Balbriggan District Court

Balbriggan District Court

Balbriggan District Court


A woman who pleaded guilty to careless driving following a collision with a cyclist has been fined €300.

Jade Kinsella (25) pleaded guilty to the offence at Oldtown, County Dublin at the R130 Palmerstown.

Sergeant Terri Ferguson told the court gardaí attended the scene of an accident on January 15th, 2020.

A car driven by Jade Kinsella, Two Hoots, Palmerstown had collided with a bicycle and had caused the cyclist to be thrown from the bike into the hedge.

As a result, the cyclist sustained a number of injuries, including a broken collarbone, a soft tissue injury to her leg and ligament damage to her thumb, Sgt Ferguson said.

The defendant has no previous convictions and was fully licenced and insured.

Barrister Deirdre Flannery said this incident happened early in the morning and there was a glint from the sun. She said Kinsella had positioned her car quite close to the hedge as she is familiar with the road and was keeping out of the way of HGVs as she was going around the turn.

The injured party was one of two cyclists who were travelling in the same direction in single file and Kinsella didn’t see them, the barrister said.

The defendant hit one of them with her wing mirror. As soon as she realised what happened she stopped and came to their assistance.

The barrister said this incident has been a complete shock to the defendant who did everything she could to help in the circumstances.

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She added the injured party will be fully compensated and Kinsella will face a hefty hike in her insurance as a result of what happened.

Judge Dermot Dempsey imposed a fine of €300 but said he wouldn’t disqualify Kinsella under the circumstances.