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MetroLink project reaches crucial stage with rail order application


Artist's impression of Metro stop in Swords, Co Dublin

Artist's impression of Metro stop in Swords, Co Dublin

Artist's impression of Metro stop in Swords, Co Dublin


A Fingal Senator has welcomed the application by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) for a railway order as part of the MetroLink project, which is set to occur at the end of September 2022.

Senator Regina Doherty (FG) said, “People in Swords have been waiting for MetroLink for a very long time. A rail link to Swords and the airport was being talked about when I bought my first house in Swords, back in the 1990s.

"It has become such a vital piece of transport infrastructure that we cannot afford further delays, and I intend to keep pressure on the Transport Minister, Eamon Ryan, to ensure it is delivered as a matter of priority.

“As of now, the project is proposed to begin construction in 2025 and we are told that we can expect it by 2035. We need a solid timeline and a commitment to delivery. The application for the railway order is the next major step in progressing that timeline and getting Metro built at long last.

“I also want to welcome the significant changes made by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) to urban environment upgrades that are to accompany the planned MetroLink line. The original plans proposed removing the boundary walls of certain residential areas adjacent to the R132 bypass in Swords, which would have affected the estates of Estuary Court, Seatown Villas and Ashley Avenue. I am told the railway order is to be applied for in or around 30 September.”

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