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Metrolink plan will ‘transform’ Fingal


Estuary Metrolink Station in Swords

Estuary Metrolink Station in Swords

Estuary Metrolink Station in Swords


Metrolink will be “transformative” for Fingal according to a local Minister of State.

Minister of State, Joe O’Brien TD reacted to Cabinet approval of the business case for Metrolink, saying: “We have had many false dawns with MetroLink but now we have a tied down and credible plan and I strongly welcome that.

“This plan will be truly transformative for North Dublin and Fingal and will massively improve the connectedness of Swords to the city centre.

“It will make Swords, and Fingal, one of the most connected places in the whole country.”

On the other side of the Metrolink line, Cllr Caroline Conroy, Lord Mayor of Dublin and Green Party Councillor for Ballymun-Finglas, said: “This is an important day for Dublin. We now have a credible and costed plan for the delivery of MetroLink which will be truly transformative for our city.

“The northside of Dublin has for many years been forgotten when it comes to the provision of public transport infrastructure. This changes all that.

“The benefit to communities close to MetroLink will be huge. It’s a vital part of making our city work and develop in a green and sustainable way.”

Brian Leddin TD, Green Party Spokesperson for Transport, Climate Action and Environment said: “This is an important step for public transport provision in Dublin.

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“We need to see this level of ambition right across the country. Low emission, regular, quality public transport for every city, and across all of Ireland is a key objective of the Green Party.”

MetroLink will consist of a 19 kilometre fully segregated railway, most of which will be underground. There will be a capacity of 20 trains operating per hour each way, at a frequency of three minutes between trains when operations commence.

MetroLink will provide over 1 billion carbon neutral, fully electrified, passenger trips by 2050

MetroLink will be a transformative railway project, widening bus and rail connectivity for over a million people in the Dublin area as well as an even greater number across Ireland. MetroLink will serve a growing population of circa 175,000 people living within easy walking distance of the route, including in Swords, Ballymun and Glasnevin, with Fingal having one of the fastest growing populations in the country.

It will provide access to employment (with circa 250,000 jobs within easy walking distance of the route), transport, education, leisure and healthcare facilities. These include Dublin Airport, the Rotunda Hospital, the Mater Hospital, Dublin City University, Trinity College Dublin, and many other locations in Dublin City Centre.

While it is too early to give a precise project cost as it has yet to go through the planning and procurement stages, a central scenario provides an indicative capital delivery cost of €9.5 billion. This is the midpoint scenario of a credible, but still indicative, capital delivery cost range between €7.16 billion and €12.25 billion.

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