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Man laid down in the street and refused to move


Balbriggan District Court

Balbriggan District Court

Balbriggan District Court


A man who lay down on the road after he was asked to leave an area by gardaí who had been called to a disturbance in Balbriggan has had his case adjourned to allow time for the preparation of a Community Service Report.

Rashid Mohamed (24) had to be physically removed from the road and escorted to the garda patrol where gardaí had difficulty getting him into the vehicle as he clung on to the door handle, Balbriggan District Court heard.

The defendant, with an address at Clonard Street, Balbriggan pleaded guilty to engaging in threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour, being intoxicated in a public place and obstructing a garda arising out of the incident on September 20, 2021.

Sergeant Patricia McGarrity said gardaí received a call to a disturbance at Clonard Street shortly after 8pm on the date in question.

At the scene, they found four males who were all highly intoxicated.

The accused was unsteady on his feet and stumbled out on the street on several occasions.

He became abusive to gardaí and was asked to leave the area.

He refused to do this and lay down in the middle of the road.

She said the defendant had to be physically moved to the squad car by gardaí where he held on to the handle of the vehicle resisting getting inside the vehicle.

At the station he again held on the handle of the vehicle and refused to get out.

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He has a previous conviction for being intoxicated in a public place dating back to 2019.

Gardaí said the defendant had handed in a letter of apology.

The solicitor for the defence said Mohamed works part-time as a delivery driver and has two young kids.

On the date in question he was drinking in a house with some friends.

She said he remembers “very litte” about what happened and wished to extend his apologies to the gardaí and the court adding she had asked him if he has a problem with drink and he said no.

However, Judge Dermot Dempsey responded: “No? He fights in the street, lays down in the road, refuses to get in and out of a squad car and then issues a written apology so everything is okay?”

The solicitor said Mohamed had told her that he has significantly reduced his drinking.

“I’ve warned him he need not appear before the court again if you see fit to offer him some leniency,” she added.

Judge Dempsey adjourned the case to December 16 for the preparation of a Community Service Report.

He said if this was favourable he would consider 200 hours community service in lieu of two months imprisonment.

“He better comply with the Probation Service requirements,” the judge warned.