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Lusk woman who parked in disabled bay is fined for multiple driving offences


Balbriggan District Court

Balbriggan District Court

Balbriggan District Court


A 33-year-old woman who had no valid insurance when she was found parked illegally in a disabled parking bay has been convicted and fined at Balbriggan District Court.

Rosaleen Lawrence (33), Coleman Crescent, Lusk Village was fined €200 for driving with no insurance and a further €100 for driving without a valid driving licence.

The court heard gardaí were on patrol at Main Street, Rush on the morning of March 8th, 2021 when they noticed a black Ford Focus parked in a disabled bay.

Fixed charge notices were issued but these were not paid.

Lawrence claimed she did have insurance on the day but could not produce it because the company had sent her out the wrong insurance details, providing the proof of insurance for a previous car instead of this one.

She said her driving licence was out of date because there had been a delay renewing it because of Covid. Asked why she had parked in the loading bay, the defendant said it had been “a mistake” as she was just letting her husband out of the car.

Judge Gearty imposed a fine of €200 for driving without insurance but didn’t disqualify Lawrence. She imposed a further fines of €100 each for driving without g licence and parking in a disabled bay.

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