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Lusk residents sign a petition calling for integration of unused lanes into their properties


Cllr Robert O'Donoghue (Lab)

Cllr Robert O'Donoghue (Lab)

Cllr Robert O'Donoghue (Lab)


Residents in Lusk have signed a petition calling for unused lanes at the back of their estate to be incorporated into their properties.

The issue was raised on behalf of Kelly Park residents by Cllr Robert O’Donoghue (Lab) in a motion submitted to the Balbriggan/Rush-Lusk Swords Area Committee.

Cllr O’Donoghue called on the council to facilitate the residents’ request through the transfer of lands, extinguishment of the right of way and any other outstanding issues.

The council said a decision regarding the extinguishment of a public right of way is a reserved function where a resolution is put before a meeting of elected members following a statutory public consultation process.

The council said its Operations Department understands there is a process to be undertaken by the Property Services Division in relation to the disposal of the laneway to individual homeowners.

“It would be prudent to await the successful conclusion of these negotiations, which will include a financial element, prior to engaging in any process for the extinguishment of the right of way along this laneway,” the report stated.

The council said it would be a matter for elected members to decide if they wished to proceed further. The report was noted by councillors

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