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Interviews to be held for post of Fingal Harbour Master


Council to appoint new Harbour Master.

Council to appoint new Harbour Master.

Council to appoint new Harbour Master.


Councillors have criticised the delay in the appointment of a Fingal Harbour Master, a position which one councillor claims was requested “a couple of years ago.”

Cllr Cathal Boland (NP) tabled a motion at a recent Local Area Committee meeting in relation to the Harbour Master post.

In his motion, Cllr Boland asked the Chief Executive to “advise on the resolution of the appointment of a Fingal Harbour Master and if the position has of yet been advertised.”

Noting the delay in appointing a Harbour Master, Cllr Boland said he was surprised to find in a council report that the closing date for the position is Aug 6, and that it is the council’s intention to interview someone in mid-September.

Cllr Boland said it was important the post be filled promptly.

He said that “unfortunately”, it appeared that the duties of the Harbour Master would only meet “the pier dimension”, and would not look at “the wider scope of what’s happening in the harbours.”

He said he believed it was time to appoint a Harbour Master as soon as possible.

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Cllr Tony Murphy (NP), supporting the motion, said he was concerned with the length of time it was taking to appoint a Harbour Master, since the position was first requested “a couple of years ago.”

He did not understand why interviews were not being held until mid-September, he added, and was concerned that candidates who had applied for the post “may no longer need the job.”

Welcoming the motion, Cllr Tom O’Leary (FG) said the matter has been going on “for some time.”

Fingal “certainly” needed a Harbour Master in place to “bring some focus” to the various piers and harbours it had, he said.

Responding to Cllr Boland’s concerns regarding a Harbour Master’s duties, a council official said the post would include a clause stating it included “any other duties the council deems appropriate.”

The council would expand on that job description “as much as we humanly can”, he said.

The difficulty in appointing someone to the post, the official said, was that there are no national qualifications for the role, and getting an interview board together had been “challenging.”

The official said he was “confident” that a Harbour Master would be employed shortly.