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Huge range of Fingal events planned for Positive Ageing Week 2022


Reconnecting Event for Positive Ageing Week in the Irish Institute of Music and Song, Balbriggan.

Reconnecting Event for Positive Ageing Week in the Irish Institute of Music and Song, Balbriggan.

Reconnecting Event for Positive Ageing Week in the Irish Institute of Music and Song, Balbriggan.


The theme of Positive Ageing Week (PAW) 2022 is Challenging Ageism – Reframing How We Think, Feel and Act towards ageing and older persons.

At Fingal County Council the Fingal Age Friendly teams are committed to enhancing the quality of life of older people in Fingal, by fully embracing the positive ageing week theme. Through the Age friendly programme and actively engaging and communicating with Fingal’s older age citizens through community groups, we encourage participation & socialising, staying active and healthy, socialising, getting involved to ensure that they fully enjoy growing older in Fingal.

During Positive Ageing week 2022 Fingal County Council has coordinated a number community-based free events aimed at celebrating aging well in Fingal.

On Tuesday 20th of September – Age friendly Fingal in partnership with Age Friendly Ireland and Creative Ireland hosted an Autumn medley of Creativity inspiring free Creative engagement with older people through a number of workshops & performance and information stands and Exhibitions in Newbridge House & Farm.

On Thursday 22nd of September – the Sports Development office in partnership with Walk 21 and Fingal Age Friendly, will host a Fun Walking Activities Day in the Millennium Park, Dublin 15 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and will include activities such as walking football, yoga, walking cricket and so much more, for more information email sports@fingal.ie

On Tuesday 27th September – Fingal’s Age Friendly teams flagship event is ‘Give it a Go’ day in Newbridge House from 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. Various groups and sporting organisations will demonstrate physical activities suitable for older people such as boules, walking football, tai chi, adapted cricket, croquet, as well as music and dance. The aim is to showcase what is possible, present a positive image of old age and encourage older people to participate in activities, for more information email community@fingal.ie

The Mayor of Fingal, Cllr. Howard O’Mahony said: “Positive Aging Week is a celebration of the contribution older age citizens make to building strong communities. The events scheduled during this week highlight the range of options available to our older aged citizens to encourage active participation and social engagement so that we can continue to grow Fingal as a county that values all of our citizens regardless of age”.

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Fingal County Council’s Chief Executive, AnnMarie Farrelly said; Positive Ageing Week a fantastic event that highlights how growing older doesn’t mean that life has to slow down. The events hosted by the Fingal Age friendly teams as part of positive aging week show how many ways we can get involved, try something new, meet new friends and acquaintances and celebrate growing older while having time to be adventurous and have fun.

Robert Burns, Director of Community & Sports Development said; “As we age it is important to feel that we are a valued member of the community. Events like positive ageing week show the ongoing commitment Fingal County Council has to providing a range of creative and physical activities for our older aged citizen.”