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Four months for Swords drink driver who failed to stop for gardaí


Swords District Court

Swords District Court

Swords District Court


A drink driver who failed to stop for gardaí after they activated flashing blue lights has received a four-month prison sentence.

Swords District Court heard Vasyl Moskalu (39) continued for some 800m before gardaí were left with no choice but to overtake his black Mercedes and block the car in, forcing the vehicle to come to a halt.

The defendant, from Ashleigh Avenue, Swords, pleaded guilty to drink driving on June 6, 2021 at the Cloughran, Swords.

Sergeant Patricia McGarrity said gardaí first observed the defendant’s vehicle travelling at speed towards Pinnockhill and activated the blue lights, signalling for the car to stop.

However, Moskalu failed to do so and continued on towards Cloughran.

She said gardaí continued to signal to the vehicle to stop for a distance of 800 metres before they were forced to overtake the car and block it in in order to bring the Mercedes to a stop.

Gardaí noticed there was a strong smell of alcohol and Moskalu was unsteady on his feet when he got out of the car.

The defendant refused to answer any questions put to him initially by gardaí, Sergeant McGarrity added.

He failed a roadside breath test and a subsequent breath specimen taken at the garda station gave a reading of 54mg per 100ml of breath.

Moskalu has 31 previous convictions, including ten for driving with no insurance.

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He is currently serving a prison sentence and is due for release in December this year, the court heard.

Defence barrister Annette Kealy said Moskalu has been living in Ireland with his wife and four children for the past 17 years.

He had owned a company and was employed five people.

She said the defendant started drinking heavily when his mother died and this had caused problems at home.

He was “deeply apologetic” for his behaviour and is determined to lead a law-abiding life when he leaves custody.

She said he had already served a four-month sentence for having no insurance on the date of this incident.

The barrister said Moskalu has “learned hugely” from his time in custody and asked the court to take into consideration his plea of guilty and his remorse.

“He has already been punished for his criminality by being away from his family and his family has suffered too,” she said.

Judge John O’Leary said he hoped the defendant had “learned some lessons” and imposed a four month prison sentence for drink driving, backdating this to March 25th, 2022.

He disqualified Moskalu from driving for six years.